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Kalevala: The Musical Concept Album is currently out on all streaming platforms to listen to. It is a musical based on the Finnish National epic poem. The musical is composed & written by Johanna Telander. The concept album's Lead Producer is Quentin Garzón and is co-produced by Kristi Roosmaa. The creative team is joined by Finnish orchestrator Marko Hilpo. 


The album stars Tony and Olivier Award Nominee Ramin Karimloo and Two Time Drama Desk Nominee Julia Murney as well as Broadway Stars Alyssa Fox, Marina Pires, Natalie Toro and Kay Trinidad. The recording also features Amanda Yachechak, Brandon Contreras, Johanna Telander, Kristi Roosmaa, Madison Claire Parks, Omer Shàish, Quentin Garzón, and Reeta Vestman. The ensemble includes Angeline Mirenda, Ariel Neydavoud, Brittany Rodin, Clay Christopher, Courtney Cheatham, Eeppi Ursin, Elena Ramos Pascullo, Kimmy Immanuel, Jade Rosenberg, Janine Morita Colletti, Joey Boover, John Koski, Marc Christopher, Markus Kaitila, Marshall Ross, Mikael Haavisto, Nicholas Leung, Nicole Corris, Noel Houle-von Behren, Olivia Valli, Petra Jasmiina Haapamäki, Rebbekah Vega-Romero, and Stephen Velasquez.


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